Amazing thing to do at Sukhumvit Bangkok

If you are looking for an amazing view and experience in the Thai capital, you will not go wrong with Sukhumvit Bangkok. It has a westernised feel to it and is dotted with a unique variety of shopping malls, massage parlours, bars and restaurants. Read on as we explore why there is so much interest in this highly visited area in Thailand.

Ease of access

As one of the longest streets spanning from Old Bangkok to almost Cambodia’s border, it is easily accessible, especially through public transportation.


Most of the visitors come to experience Sukhumvit’s unique shopping opportunities, bars and restaurants. There are high-end shopping malls and big-name department stores for shopping enthusiasts. There are also some bargains to be discovered here and there. Some of the popular upmarket malls include the Emporium and Terminal 21. You may want to sample Soi Cowboy or the Nana Plaza for a hot nightlife experience.

Other attractions

In addition, there are also other popular attractions, such as the Kamthieng House Museum. You may also want to get away from the busy street life and enjoy the serenity of the two parks of Sukhumvit, Benjasiri and Benjakiti Park.

Thailand is indeed a beautiful and popular destination, with Sukhumvit Bangkok considered a must-visit when in the country.


The historic origins of Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a culinary snack that means ‘touch the heart” in Chinese. Read on as we explore its history and how it has become a favourite cuisine.

A brief history of Dim Sum

Dim Sum is believed to have originated from the southeastern region of China, specifically Guangdong. It was initially served at tearooms in the capital Guangzhou. It was the preferred snack for Silk Road travellers as they took breaks for a meal. This made the dim sum meal popular as it spread throughout the region.

How to order a Dim Sum meal

If you are visiting one of your favourite Dim Sum restaurant Bangkok, the first thing you will want to order for this meal is tea. This is logical since the meal historically originated from tea houses. The meal is usually served from an assortment of vegetable, meat and seafood dishes. They will either be fried, baked or steamed.

Popular Dim Sum dishes

One of the popular dim sum dishes is the Shumai, also referred to as Shao Mai or Siu Mai. It is usually a thin wrapped dish consisting of shrimp, pork, or both. It will usually be accompanied by vegetables such as water chestnuts, black mushrooms or bamboo shoots. Another popular Dim Sum dish is the Shrimp Dumpling, also referred to as the Xia Jiao or Har Gow, usually served with a bamboo steamer. You also have the choice of soup dumplings, also referred to as Xiaolong Bao. The pork and hot broth soup are usually served in a bamboo steamer. Another Dim Sum meal available is the BBQ pork buns, which are also referred to as Chashao Bao or Charsiu Bao. These are bready buns stuffed with pork. You may also want to consider sampling chicken feet, rice noodle rolls, or egg tart Dim Sum dishes.

Thai History: A Short history of the Democracy Monument, Bangkok

In the local language, it’s called Anusawari Prachathipatai. English-speaking visitors to Bangkok, call it the Democracy Monument. Thailand’s monument to democracy is outstanding. Graceful, impressive and majestic are words which come to mind. It isn’t so much a monument as a collection of monuments. You can see evidence of both traditional and modern architecture here. It marks the country’s transition from absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. To appreciate the monument, it’s necessary to come as close as possible to it. But that’s not easy to do. The Democracy Monument is on a busy crossroads. You’ll find it on Ratchadamnoen Klang Road in Bangkok. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to go inside. There is a fence around it. Still, it’s an architectural wonder. Tourists may view from a distance.

How the Monument came to Be

The government build it in 1939 to remember the 1932 Revolution. The designer was the Thai architect Mew Aphaiwong. The sculptures are the work of Italian-born Silpa Bhirasri. He was born as Corrado Feroci. He came to Thailand to teach his art. He fell in love with the country and became a Thai citizen. Thailand’s then military ruler, Field Marshall Phibun Songkhram had dreams for the nation. One was that the Democracy Monument would host some magnificent military parades. When the government built the monument, they widened the road. The Democracy Monument is a mixture of Thai and European style. It shows the Thai Constitution, guarded by four wings. These wings represent the four armed forces of the nation. These are the police, the army, the navy and the air force.

The Democracy Monument Today

It seems strange that the Democracy Monument appeared during a dictatorship. Thailand has never had democracy in the sense the world understands it. The Democratic Monument doesn’t mention the monarchy. The King still plays an important role in Thai public life. But the Democracy Monument represents the dreams of the 1932 Revolutionaries. They started an era of constitutional monarchy. It has also been the scene of peaceful political protests. It is worth seeing.

Photo: Marcin Konsek / Wikimedia Commons

Nine Kings London – The Ultimate Venue for Product Launches and Events

The Nine Kings Suite at Royal Lancaster London is a popular destination for award ceremonies, dinners, product launches and other events. It is acknowledged as one of the most central venues in the city for large conferences. The suite’s size, adaptability and scalability are a winning combination that offers a spectacular space that can cater to about anything.

Award-Winning Layout and Capacity

Depending on the layout and the size of your event, the pillar-free room can be partitioned into about five separate delegate spaces. It reveals a wall that can be lifted to increase the capacity to the users liking with both the main area and the foyer exposed to natural light. After dark, the chandeliers can be dropped to create a dazzling and glorious ambiance.

Grand Banqueting Spaces – Amenities

This mid-century icon reveals a modern frontage with the exterior architecture featuring a dramatic 8 meter façade. Its menu structure is designed with the modern guest in mind, offering cocktails, light cuisine, champagne and coffee throughout the day. Also, it exudes mid-century glamour, boasting a range of amenities including:

• Air conditioning

• Wheelchair access

• Lift access

• Hanging bars

• Internet

• Dedicated street entrance

• Elevated walls

• 63 Amp and 125 Amp three-phase power supply

• Large off-street access

As a pioneering venue, the suite boasts a range of state-of-the-art technology, stylish conference and meeting rooms, world-class cuisine and top-quality facilities. It can cater to a large number of people – between 2 to 1,200 guests for dinner and 1,700 for a reception. Unlike most other venues, this suite allows car access, meaning it is also ideal for the auto industry.

Situated in a prime location, the venue sits on the northern side of Hyde Park, with excellent transport links for international and local delegates. It has easy access to the Tube and Taxis, 300m from Lancaster Gate. Nine Kings Suite, with 1,263m of floor space, is in a class of its own in UK’s capital. It is London’s top choice for major events for its space, facilities, technology, location, services and natural daylight. When it comes to events, the suite has a standing history of dedicated passion, drive and expertise to help clients deliver results. Royal Lancaster has been voted as the best hotel in the capital, in the meetings category, four years in succession by the Incentive Travel Magazine

Shopping weekend in London, where to go and what to see

Shopping in London is never a boring experience. Whether looking for big luxury brands to affordable items, you can be sure to find them in London. An added incentive to shopping in this amazing city is the chance to visit some of the iconic places and the amazing things you can expect to see.

a) Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd’s Bush is considered the shopping hub of West London. It has a wide range of eateries, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels to choose from. It is also home to the famous five-star K West spa hotel rooms, which offers various services such as massage, spa locker rooms, hot tub/Jacuzzi, sauna, and a Spa and wellness centre among others. You can also visit Shepherd’s Bush Market located between Goldhawk and Uxbridge Market, which is usually a hive of activity from Monday to Saturday.

b) Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in London. It is home to some of the best landmark stores, high-street chains, shops, and designer outlets in London. Here you can find 1.5 miles of unrivalled shopping from brands such as River Island, Gap, Topshop, X, and Primark among others. Oxford Street also has over 500 restaurants, which ensures you have plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

c) Bond Street

Since it was founded in 1700, Bond Street has always been synonymous with the society’s wealthiest, influential, and stylish people. The street is revered for its wealth of exclusive brands, designer fashion, fine jewels, elegant stores, art and antique. Bond Street is also home to the Royal Academy of Art, where art is made and exhibited. It is also home to the famous auction house, Sotheby’s.

d) Carnaby

Carnaby boasts of over 100 shops, 60 restaurants, bars, and cafes to choose from. It consists of a variety of upcoming designer names, renowned brands, heritage brands, and independent boutiques. Carnarby is also the home of Farm Girl, a concession that deals with fresh, nourishing and healthy meals.

e) Covent Garden

Covent Garden is famous for its luxurious fashion options, beauty stores, handmade jewellery, imaginative arts and craft, and award winning restaurants and theatres. Some of the places to visit include Neal’s Yard for natural and organic skincare products, St Martin’s Courtyard for open air shopping, and Floral Street for its elegant fragrances.

London is surely one of the places where you can enjoy shopping as well as get to experience the city. Although it does not come cheap, the experience is well worth it.

A short history of Bangkok since 1945

This article explores a short history of Bangkok since 1945, detailing some of the major events that have happened and how they have shaped the city.

The city of Bangkok is considered as an integral part in shaping the history of Thailand. Most of the defining moments in the country have unfolded in Bangkok. The city is accredited in defining the culture, food, and language for the entire country. This article looks at the history of Bangkok since 1945 and how it has shaped the rest of the country.

The rise of Bangkok

Bangkok became the capital of Thailand in 1782, when the country was initially known as Siam. Its nearness to mouth of the Chao Phraya River made it the ideal location to be considered as the capital. This led to its rulers developing it rapidly, and by the end of the Second World War, it had grown into unprecedented levels. Bangkok also became a popular tourist destination for U.S. military personnel during the Vietnamese War.

Economic boom in the 1980’s

During the 1980’s, Bangkok was experiencing an economic boom as it took its place as one of the most popular tourist, commercial and financial centres in Asia. This was at a time when other countries around it were experiencing economic upheavals. The rise of Bangkok’s tourism industry can also be attributed to the relative political calmness and its strategic location as a crossroads for international air travel. The boost in the tourism industry resulted in the expansion of the hotel industry, with such big names such as Lancaster Bangkok Rooms being set up to accommodate the growing demand. It was also during this time that international tourism was becoming popular as living standards continued growing throughout the world.

Bangkok as a major tourist destination

To highlight Bangkok as a major tourist attraction, the government even established a special tourist force to deal with issue that the millions of tourists may face while on vacation. However, the political unrests that occurred during 2013-2015 resulted in a drop of the number of tourists visiting Bangkok. These unrests prompted the government to declare martial law, which would later be lifted in April 2015. Relative calmness returned swiftly after martial law was lifted. This resulted in an upsurge in the number of tourists visiting Bangkok. Bangkok continues to be one of the most popular destinations for millions of tourists around the world.