2 of Thailands top cocktails

The cocktail culture in Thailand lives up to the country’s reputation for exciting nightlife, bustling towns, and delectable cuisine. The two most popular cocktails served in bangkok cocktail bar are: The Thai Basil Smash The Thai Basil Smash is an aromatic and delicious drink made with gin and lime juice to highlight the robust flavoursContinue reading “2 of Thailands top cocktails”

Amazing thing to do at Sukhumvit Bangkok

If you are looking for an amazing view and experience in the Thai capital, you will not go wrong with Sukhumvit Bangkok. It has a westernised feel to it and is dotted with a unique variety of shopping malls, massage parlours, bars and restaurants. Read on as we explore why there is so much interestContinue reading “Amazing thing to do at Sukhumvit Bangkok”

The historic origins of Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a culinary snack that means ‘touch the heart” in Chinese. Read on as we explore its history and how it has become a favourite cuisine. A brief history of Dim Sum Dim Sum is believed to have originated from the southeastern region of China, specifically Guangdong. It was initially served at tearoomsContinue reading “The historic origins of Dim Sum”

Thai History: A Short history of the Democracy Monument, Bangkok

In the local language, it’s called Anusawari Prachathipatai. English-speaking visitors to Bangkok, call it the Democracy Monument. Thailand’s monument to democracy is outstanding. Graceful, impressive and majestic are words which come to mind. It isn’t so much a monument as a collection of monuments. You can see evidence of both traditional and modern architecture here.Continue reading “Thai History: A Short history of the Democracy Monument, Bangkok”

Nine Kings London – The Ultimate Venue for Product Launches and Events

The Nine Kings Suite at Royal Lancaster London is a popular destination for award ceremonies, dinners, product launches and other events. It is acknowledged as one of the most central venues in the city for large conferences. The suite’s size, adaptability and scalability are a winning combination that offers a spectacular space that can caterContinue reading “Nine Kings London – The Ultimate Venue for Product Launches and Events”

Shopping weekend in London, where to go and what to see

Shopping in London is never a boring experience. Whether looking for big luxury brands to affordable items, you can be sure to find them in London. An added incentive to shopping in this amazing city is the chance to visit some of the iconic places and the amazing things you can expect to see. a)Continue reading “Shopping weekend in London, where to go and what to see”

A short history of Bangkok since 1945

This article explores a short history of Bangkok since 1945, detailing some of the major events that have happened and how they have shaped the city. The city of Bangkok is considered as an integral part in shaping the history of Thailand. Most of the defining moments in the country have unfolded in Bangkok. TheContinue reading “A short history of Bangkok since 1945”