Amazing thing to do at Sukhumvit Bangkok

If you are looking for an amazing view and experience in the Thai capital, you will not go wrong with Sukhumvit Bangkok. It has a westernised feel to it and is dotted with a unique variety of shopping malls, massage parlours, bars and restaurants. Read on as we explore why there is so much interest in this highly visited area in Thailand.

Ease of access

As one of the longest streets spanning from Old Bangkok to almost Cambodia’s border, it is easily accessible, especially through public transportation.


Most of the visitors come to experience Sukhumvit’s unique shopping opportunities, bars and restaurants. There are high-end shopping malls and big-name department stores for shopping enthusiasts. There are also some bargains to be discovered here and there. Some of the popular upmarket malls include the Emporium and Terminal 21. You may want to sample Soi Cowboy or the Nana Plaza for a hot nightlife experience.

Other attractions

In addition, there are also other popular attractions, such as the Kamthieng House Museum. You may also want to get away from the busy street life and enjoy the serenity of the two parks of Sukhumvit, Benjasiri and Benjakiti Park.

Thailand is indeed a beautiful and popular destination, with Sukhumvit Bangkok considered a must-visit when in the country.


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